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  • Booking, cancellation policy & deposit
    The minimum booking days is 2 nights. The entire booking amount is charged when you book, but you can cancel up to 14 days before arrival for a full refund. Both the driver and the person that accounts for the contractual agreement have to be at least 23 years old, and shall provide a valid driving license. Exceptions can only be made with the agreement with Lofoten E-camper. It is not allowed driving our E-campers outside Lofoten Islands without permission. The E-Camper is always up to 80% charged upon pick-up and shall always be at least 80% on drop-off. (The kilometer range varies due to season). If the E-Camper is not charged upon drop-off the costumer need to pay an extra fee of 150€. Throughout the rental period of the e-camper, the person renting the car is responsible for the car and shall use it as it is his own until the return. Remember to pay parking tickets when you park the camper around the islands. Most parking are ticketless and needs to be pay by app 48h after you leave the parking. Parking tickets that is not paid will be drawn from the deposit. This involves also the responsibility for penalties like wrong parking, over speeding, road charges, towing charges, and other costs and penalties. Should some of those penalties/costs occur is the person renting the car required to pay them within the given time limit. In case of problems with with the e-camper contact us directly (0047 40627229). The person renting the car is responsible for all damages that occur during the period of rental and must report to our direct telephone nr. Should an accident or damage occur a protocol and report has to be filled out. You have a deductible of max. 6.000 NOK. (With exception of gross negligence and careless behavior) Should the person renting the car not pay for his deductible amount of 6.000, - NOK his/her credit card will be charged. Should the car be returned inadequately, e.g. with large amounts of dirt, garbage, empty bottles and so on an extra charge of 500, - NOK applies.
  • What is included?
    Bedding Towels Storm kitchen Kitchen supplies SUP-boards/ or 1 inflatable kayak 4g wifi router 1 table 2 chairs Bluetooth Music speaker
  • Deposit
    Before arrival Lofoten all costumers need to pay a deposit of 300 € before pick-up of the E-Camper. This can be paid with all credit cards through a paymentlink on your phone. (All creditcards accepted) The deposit will be refunded after the rental period. This usually takes 5-10 bank days (depending on which bank you have). What can we drawn from the deposit? -Unpaid parking tickets -Less then 80% battery upon drop-off -Damages -Not following the drop-off check-list
  • Insurance
    There is a 6000,- NOK self-risk fee, if there is an accident. You have full insurance when renting with Lofoten E-Camper (with a selfrisk fee og 6.000 NOK) This means if any damage accurs during the rental period we will bring the camper to the carshop for a inspection and a calculation of the cost for repairing the damage. This cost is maximum. 6000 NOK for our costumers. (This is normal insurance procedure in Norway).
  • Charging the e-camper?
    When renting our e-camper you are responsible to make sure the campervan is charged whenever driving the van. Any stops/and road assitance due to empty battery needs to be solved and pay by the costumer. The e-camper can be fast charged in Reine, Leknes & Svolvær. There is charging stations at most camps around Lofoten. The costumer pay for fast charging by downloadning the apps: MER Bilkraft Circle K Charging
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